Dogs in the Workplace

All pets are prohibited from entry during patient treatment hours, except for guide dogs as medically necessary.

Imua Physical Therapy has a partnership with Assistance Dogs of Hawaii, and as such utilizes the therapy clinics as a training ground. At times, ADH dogs may be involved in therapy sessions and are recognized as skilled assistance dogs for patient benefit.

Imua Physical Therapy staff is responsible for recognizing patients that are allergic and/or do not want ADH dogs near them, and will keep the dogs away from these types of patients.

Employees are limited in their ability to bring in their dogs, only during non-treatment hours.

Patients, at times may need to bring in their dogs into the clinic if they are unable to keep their dogs in the car. However, dogs are prohibited from the following areas:(limited to lobby area only)

* private treatment rooms

* patient treatment areas

Dog owners assume complete liability for their pets.

Policy No.  808  Issued  11/26/2012  Applicable  1/20/2013

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