Employee Benefits

Eligible employees at Imua Physical Therapy are provided a wide range of benefits. A number of the programs (such as Social Security, Workers’ Compensation, Temporary Disability, and Unemployment insurance) cover all employees in the manner prescribed by law.

Benefits eligibility is dependent upon a variety of factors, including employee classification. Your supervisor can identify the programs for which you are eligible. Details of many of these programs can be found elsewhere in the employee handbook.

The following benefit programs are available to eligible employees:

* 401(k) Savings Plan

* Auto Mileage Reimbursement

* Dental Insurance

* Educational Financial Assistance

* Health Insurance

* Holidays

* Malpractice Insurance

* Paid Time Off (PTO)

* Vision Care Insurance

Some benefit programs require contributions from the employee, but most are fully paid by Imua Physical Therapy.

Policy No.  301  Issued  11/4/2012  Applicable  1/20/2013

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