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About Imua

At Imua Physical Therapy, we like to think that things are a little different. But what makes us unique is not obvious at first glance. After all, our clinics look much like those of other therapy practices.

But while the distinguishing characteristics are not visible to the eye, and may not be obvious when you first enter a clinic, they are no less real. So what is it that sets Imua Physical Therapy apart? Our Values.

We understand that many companies have defined values and many even post them prominently for all to see. But that isn’t enough. At Imua, we see it as our obligation to continuously exemplify each value. We believe that every employee should see how the company is dedicated to meeting the lofty expectations and ideals that the values represent.

Mission & Purpose
Our Mission is to Serve God by caring for the health of our Ohana- our patients, our employees and our community.  This is the Why behind what we do everyday.  

We use our Value statements to get to the how of this mission:  Through Compassion we will provide a caring and safe environment for our patients to thrive with focused, individualized treatment plans.  Through Commitment we will go beyond our patients’ expectations in service and treatment excellence.  Through the Community, we will give of our time and finances to the non-profits we support to give back to our island home.

Local Ownership & Local Commitment
Founded in 2006 by physical therapist Tiffany Prangnell, Imua Physical Therapy started out as South Shore Physical Therapy & Sportsmedicine. Tiffany saw the need in Maui, and started the first clinic in Kihei. But God had bigger plans! A few years after the first clinic was established, a friend and former co-worker led her to open a satellite clinic in Kahana out of a local gym.

In June of 2012, we officially expanded to our own location in Kahana across the street from the gym we had been partnering in, and officially changed our name to Imua Physical Therapy. Imua (v., ee-moo-a), an ancient Hawaiian word meaning to take on, charge and advance. Another concept is “moving forward”. This defines for us what we want to do for our patients, employees and community!

Since that first expansion in 2012, we have continued to expand and pursue locations on Maui that meet the needs of our patients where they live or work, and to provide attractive and clean environments for all to enjoy; with locations in Kihei, Wailuku, Lahaina and Pukalani.

It is our goal that you experience the very best care and reach all of your personal rehabilitation needs and that together, Imua Physical Therapy strives to be a integrated part of the community in which we live and work.

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