Pregnancy-Related Absences

607 Pregnancy Disability Leave

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Imua Physical Therapy provides pregnancy disability leaves of absence without pay to eligible employees who are temporarily unable to work due to a disability related to pregnancy, childbirth, or related medical conditions.

Employees in the following employment classifications are eligible to request pregnancy disability leave as described in this policy:

* All employees

Employees should make requests for pregnancy disability leave to their supervisors at least 30 days in advance of foreseeable events and as soon as possible for unforeseeable events.

A health care provider’s statement must be submitted verifying the need for pregnancy disability leave and its beginning and expected ending dates. Any changes in this information should be promptly reported to Imua Physical Therapy. Employees returning from pregnancy disability leave must submit a health care provider’s verification of their fitness to return to work.

Employees are normally granted unpaid leave for the period of the disability for a “reasonable period of time” as determined by her physican. Employees will be required to first use any accrued paid leave time before taking unpaid leave during the pregnancy disability leave period.

Subject to the terms, conditions, and limitations of the applicable plans, Imua Physical Therapy will continue to provide health insurance benefits for the required period of the approved pregnancy disability leave.

Benefit accruals, such as vacation, sick leave, and holiday benefits, will not continue during the approved pregnancy disability leave period.

So that an employee’s return to work can be properly scheduled, an employee on pregnancy disability leave is requested to provide Imua Physical Therapy with as much advance notice as possible of the date she intends to return to work.

When a pregnancy disability leave ends, the employee will be reinstated to the same position, unless either the job ceased to exist because of legitimate business reasons or each means of preserving the job would substantially undermine the ability to operate Imua Physical Therapy safely and efficiently. If the same position is not available, the employee will be offered a comparable position in terms of such issues as pay, location, job content, and promotional opportunities.

If an employee fails to report to work promptly at the end of the pregnancy disability leave, Imua Physical Therapy will assume that the employee has resigned.

Policy No.  607  Issued  10/21/2012  Applicable  1/20/2013

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