Our 3 Cs


A culture of compassion insures that both patients and employees receive the best we have to offer in the clinics, and away from work. Imua remains focused on:

  • Providing patients with the best possible care.
  • Offering our communities in which we work uncommon support.
  • Providing the opportunity for employees to achieve their personal goals and meet their personal and family obligations.

Another idea that goes hand in hand with the compassion we have is fun! At Imua, creating enjoyable workplaces is a primary focus. A work environment characterized by teamwork, good-humor and a positive outlook has a direct impact on the quality of life of our employees, and the quality of the service our patients receive. Our employees will tell you, having fun is serious business.

  • Christmas Parties
  • Recognition of employee’s professional achievements.
  • Most importantly, Fun is perpetuated by hiring individuals who believe that the creation of an enjoyable workplace is everyone’s responsibility.
  • Rewards for those who elevate the enjoyment of the workplace for fellow employees and patients alike.

We love what we do, and we love to do our best. This means putting people first – patients and employees. That is the Imua way. In such an environment, trust, respect, quality, loyalty and service converge to create a workplace that meets the highest standards of the physical therapy profession.

  • Guidelines set up that ensure ethical and legal business practices.
  • Hands on Care for all patients, demonstrating a commitment to proper billing and coding as well as providing each patient with the best chance for a maximal recovery.
  • Dedication to maximizing clinical outcomes, demonstrating the primary commitment to helping our patients.
  • Non-discriminatory hiring practices.
  • Reward system based on merit and shared goals.
  • A commitment to fulfilling promises to employees and patients.
  • Generous paid continuing education for all employees, not just therapy providers.
  • Additional funding for educational programs to support specialized programs such as Cancer & Lymph programs, Sportsmedicine/Orthopedic Rehab, and Work conditioning/work hardening.
  • Hands on care schedule allows therapists the time to consult with and mentor fellow therapists.

Imua Physical Therapy’s commitment to giving back to the community has been a key component of the practice since it was founded in 2006 by Tiffany Prangnell, PT. Together with our community partners, we have been able to assist both organizations and individuals in need throughout the various communities in which we live and work.

Our primary partnership in the community has been with Vertical Sports Maui.

Vertical Sports Maui is a donor funded; volunteer-powered local 501 c3 non-profit dedicated to inspire and equip youth through sports. We use the principals involved with skills training to address a player’s individual needs. We provide youth with the opportunities to prepare them for success both on and off the sporting field. We strive to accomplish this through our 4 core values:

1. World class programs: We strive for excellence in our programs and facilities believing our youth deserves the best.

2. Character Building: We see sports as one of the greatest teachers of teamwork, gratitude, perseverance and tenacity

3. Christ Honoring: The love of Jesus compels us to serve others.

4. Accessible to All: All youth will be able to participate regardless of financial means.

Learn more about Vertical Sports Maui by visiting https://verticalsportsmaui.com/ 

Assistance Dogs of Hawaii is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization that provides children and adults with disabilities and other special needs professionally trained dogs that will increase their independence and enhance the quality of their lives. We are committed to serving people with special needs through our Community Outreach Programs and developing the potential dogs have to assist people in need.

The vision for ADH is to continue expanding and graduating more quality Assistance Dog Teams that help both the dogs and their partners realize their full potential.  ADH is committed to creating a standard of excellence and adhering to a best practices model for the Assistance Dog Industry. Assistance Dogs of Hawaii is committed to developing and expanding the potential dogs have to assist people in need


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