Injury Prevention and Job-Site Industrial Services

Imua’s Industrial Injury Prevention/Ergonomic Programs target your bottom line – lowering compensation costs and reducing lost employee time. These programs, which range form post-offer physical work performance evaluations to on-site stretching/material handling training, are designed to prevent on-the-job injuries.

Injury Prevention & Job-Site Industrial Services

Post-Offer Physical Work Performance Evaluations

In-Clinic screening process in order to determine whether the capacities of new or returning employees match the physical demands of the job being offered. Through this entirely non-discriminatory process, employers will be able to place the right person in the right job – saving you time, challenges, and possible future injury costs.

Ergonomic Evaluations

On-Site interview, evaluation, and photo analysis with worker or employee to assess workstation and environment, with recommendations of products to ensure proper ergonomic setup and teach ergonomically correct work practices for safe and successful return to work.

Job/Task Analysis

On-Site interview, observation, video/photo analyses, and synthesizing of the critical demands of the of the requested job to compliment or update job description profiles. Factors may include workflow, efficiency/pace, body mechanics/positioning, human/environmental factors, and ergonomic principles.

Job Coaching

On-Site employee education and active participation in musculoskeletal injuries (causes/prevention), proper posture/body mechanics, material handling strategies, injury prevention methods, ergonomic principles, and on-site stretching programs.

Mission Statement:

At Imua Physical Therapy, we like to think that things are a little different. What makes us unique is not obvious at first glance. But while the distinguishing characteristics are not visible to the eye, they are no less real. So what is it that sets Imua Physical Therapy apart? Our Values!

Our mission is to serve God by caring for the health of our Ohana- Our patients, our employees and our community.

We will achieve this by:

• Compassion: Providing a Caring and Safe Environment for our patients to thrive with focused, individualized treatment plans.

• Commitment: Going beyond our patients’ expectations in service and treatment excellence.

• Community: Giving of our time & finances to the non-profits we support to give back to our island home.

We believe it’s important to ho’o malama (to care for) our employees’ physical, emotional and spiritual health- so that we can serve & care for others through the healing art & practice of Physical Therapy.

We exist to support our employees with a commitment to a positive and respectful work environment with a focus on professional growth to develop a compassionate and knowledgeable team that serves our community.

Imua (ee-moo-a) is an ancient Hawaiian word meaning to take on, charge and advance. Another concept is “Moving Forward”. This defines for us what we want to do for our patients, employees and community!


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