Cell Phone Usage

The use of both office and personal phones for personal reasons must be limited to urgent needs and should be as brief as possible during work hours. The includes the use of personal phones for texting.

Employees with personal mobile phones are to turn them off and check for both voice and text messages as work schedules allow. Specifically, unless it is an emergency, calls should be made and messages checked while not on duty.

Friends and family should be told in advance that in the event of an emergency to call the clinic/office number and not to call a personal phone as the company requires such phones to be turned off during work hours.

The use of cell phones or electronic devices (except BlueTooth type of devices) while driving when working for Imua Physical Therapy is strictly forbidden and in compliance with Hawaii State Law.

Policy No.  526  Issued  10/21/2012  Applicable  1/20/2013

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