Educational Assistance

Imua Physical Therapy recognizes that the skills and knowledge of its employees are critical to the success of the organization. The educational assistance program encourages personal development through formal education so that employees can maintain and improve job-related skills or enhance their ability to compete for reasonably attainable jobs within Imua Physical Therapy.

Imua Physical Therapy will provide educational assistance to all eligible employees immediately upon assignment to an eligible employment classification. To maintain eligibility employees must remain on the active payroll and be performing their job satisfactorily through completion of each course. Employees in the following employee classification(s) are eligible for educational assistance:

* Regular full-time employees

* Regular part-time employees

Employees should contact the Physical Therapy Clinic Manager or President for more information or questions about educational assistance.

While educational assistance is expected to enhance employees’ performance and professional abilities, Imua Physical Therapy cannot guarantee that participation in formal education will entitle the employee to automatic advancement, a different job assignment, or pay increases.

Imua Physical Therapy funds Continuing Education (CE) courses for the following employees up to the following annual limits, based on your anniversary date:

Clinic Managers, Staff Physical & Occupational Therapists, Staff Physical Therapist Assistants and Massage Therapists, $500 every 12 months, renewing on anniversary date. In addition, each clinical staff member will have their own MedBridge account for access to courses on-line.

Part-time worker (regular), continuing education benefits are pro-rated based on a percentage of hours worked. Imua Physical Therapy does not pay for travel and meal expenses incurred when taking a local (Maui) course, unless the course is required or requested by Imua Physical Therpy. Travel, meal and lodging expenses may be reimbursed for non-local courses on a case-by-case basis, based on how the course applies to Imua Physical Therapy business needs as determined by the President.

Either the President or the Clinic Manager must approve all courses and the time off required to attend the courses in advance. Employees, in concert with the clinic manager, are expected to arrange their schedules so to maximize patient care time (up to 40 hours) during a week in which a CE course is attended. Paid time off is generally not granted as part of the continuing education benefit.

The employer will also pay for 1/2 of Professional Membership (APTA) dues/year. Employees can pay for APTA memberships themselves and request reimbursement, or they can submit a CE Request Form and a copy of the membership renewal for and have Imua Physical Therapy pay the fees directly.

Continuing education funds can be put towards payment of up to 100% of a therapist’s HAPTA/APTA professional dues. PT’s may pay for specialty certification using their CE budget. Employees can pay for APTA memberships themselves and request reimbursement, or they can submit a CE Request Form and a copy of the membership renewal for and have Imua Physical Therapy pay the fees directly.

Please note the federal tax laws dictate that you can be reimbursed for expenses for travel, meals and lodging if you travel overnight mainly to obtain qualifying work-related education. The trip must be greater than 50% for educational (business) purposes, not personal. Federal tax laws also dictate that meals will only be reimbursed at only 50%.

Imua Physical Therapy appreciates and values the advanced clinical achievement of its providers. To support the efforts of our therapists to attain specialty certification, reimbursement of up to $250 of the certification examination fee is available. Therapists are required to use the annual CE benefit first to pay for examination fees. Therefore, this funding is only available after all CE benefits are exhausted.

Imua Physical Therapy invests in educational assistance to employees with the expectation that the investment be returned through enhanced job performance. However, if an employee voluntarily separates from Imua Physical Therapy’s employment within one year of the last educational assistance payment, the amount of the payment will be considered a loan. The following terms outline how CE repayment to Imua Physical Therapy is determined:

*Any CE funds used within 6 months of termination will be repaid to Imua Physical Therapy

* Any CE funds used prior to 12 months of termination will not need to be reimbursed.

*The repayment of CE funds used between 6 & 12 months of termination is determined as follows:

-If the total dollar amount used within the past 12 months is equal to less than 50% of the one-year

CE budget allowance, only those funds used within the last 6 months will need to be repaid

-If the total dollar amount used within the past 12 months exceeds 50% of the one-year budget

allowance, the amount used within the past 6 months will be repaid and the amount above 50%

of the one year CE budget allowance used between 6-12 months of termination will be repaid

at a 50% rate.

Policy No.  314  Issued  10/21/2012  Applicable  1/20/2013

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